DIGITAL MARKETING SERVICES specializes in american live call 
transfers of consumers looking for tax debt relief.

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Lead Types

Live Transfer Tax Settlement Calls

Discover how live transfer tax settlement leads may lower the overall cost to acquire new business.

TV Tax Settlement Calls

Read and learn about the advantages of TV tax settlement leads delivered on a cost per call basis.

Radio Tax Settlement Calls

See how radio works as a media that delivers hot inbound calls of consumers needing payment relief from back tax debt.

Internet Tax Settlement Leads

Find out how internet tax settlement leads can help your sales team speak with more tax relief candidates.

Aged Internet Tax Settlement Leads

Find out how aged tax settlement leads can help your company increase sales.

Direct Mail Tax Debt Calls

Learn more about how direct mail tax settlement leads perform well and deliver lower costs per customer acquisition.

WHO WE ARE has been in the marketing business for more than 10+ years. Our current focus is on leads and marketing consulting services. Our goal is acquiring high quality clients that understand the importance of creating a long lasting relationship with their marketing company. We have a proven history in direct response, internet, and outbound marketing. The goal of the company has always been to lend our expertise to clients in the financial services industries and help them grow their businesses with a diverse set of lead generation strategies to help the companies we work with achieve a strong return on investment and sales growth.

What Is About… offers some the best leads in the market place for tax settlement companies and law firms. With testing and tweaking, has developed nearly every type of tax settlement lead solution in the market place with a quality that will be sure to help you lower your cost per closed deal and keep your sales floor well fed with high quality leads that grow your organization.

We realize that tax relief is more of a niche industry than mortgage and credit card relief. With that in mind, we have worked hard to develop more strategies for tax than our competitors. The reason we did this is that we knew that competing tax firms would buy out the supply of certain lead types and would need to find unique prospects in other lead types. We also know that the pool of people needing tax assistance was not endless. The decision was made that tax settlement firms would need to have many different lead types to choose from so that they would be able to tap into unique leads and new potential customers. To do this, we believe that tax settlement firms will need to be able to master working different lead types and teaching sales staffs how to adjust their scripting techniques and pitches. is committed to providing you with quality fresh and aged leads ranging from internet, direct mail, television, radio, live transfers to web generated calls. Our goal is to help you get your sales numbers to where you need them to be. We have just the selection of leads to help get you there! Higher Quality Leads, Lead Diversity…


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